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Live Action, Graphics, Video Production Studio Sydney

Welcome to Nitro Circus Movie

We Offer Live-Action, Graphics, and Video Production Services in Sydney

At Nitro Circus Movie, we specialise in producing the best quality videos ranging from Animation videos to Corporate showcase videos, Motion graphics, Presenter graphics, and Whiteboard animation. We ensure that we produce the best quality videos, so clear you could see right through them.


Video Applications

Virtually all industries are now using videos because videos are relatable and easy to understand. They are more engaging because of the combination of sounds and moving images. All forms of marketing and social media interaction can be achieved using videos. At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer various video applications.


Presenter Videos

We offer a service where a presenter handles the narrative for an advert in the form of a lengthy but captivating monologue. Presenter videos are perceived to be more effective when a company wants to establish a deeper connection with clients. The presenter articulates words from a well-written script, which you or our creative team can write.


On-Location Filming

At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer a range of services, and one of those services is on-location filming. Our videographers are experts setting up locations for the videos you want to shoot. The location can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the purpose of the video. On-location filming can be preferable to a sound stage or backlot because it seems more realistic and relatable. At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer this.


Green Screen Hire

Are you an independent or freelance videographer? Are you in need of a serene temporary location to shoot your videos? At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer rental studio services. Our state-of-the-art Green screen is up for hire! It is equipped with the latest gadget made available to make videography a fun walk in the park. It is a well-conditioned large room with an 8.5mx3m Green screen, and the floor accommodates many people.

Clients We have Worked With

Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Nitro Circus Movie has a great package for music enthusiasts. This package is for music makers- writers, producers, and singers. Our music studios are well equipped with up-to-date and high-quality hardware and software plugins and a 2″ 24 track tape machine. You get to decide if you want a Pro Tools digital recording system or the 2″ 24 track tape machines.

8mm Film Transfers

8mm Film Transfers

Do you have priceless memories in the form of images stuck in a standard or super 8mm movie film? Would you like to have them transferred to the DVD form without losing the important parts? At Nitro Circus Movie, we help preserve and grant easy access to the memories in these 8 mm super and standard film reels by converting them to DVDs for a fair price.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are fast becoming the go-to option for conveying messages to a large number of people. This is because whiteboard animated videos make complex information seem easier to understand. We can follow the animated characters’ actions while keeping up with the message being passed across in the audio. Our creative team at Nitro Circus Movie can skillfully use whiteboard animation software such as VideoScribe, TrueScribe, and Vyond.