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8mm Film Transfers

Our 8mm Film Transfers

Do you have priceless memories in the form of images stuck in a standard or super 8mm movie film? Would you like to have them transferred to the DVD form without losing the important parts? At Nitro Circus Movie, we help preserve and grant easy access to the memories in these 8 mm super and standard film reels by converting them to DVDs for a fair price.

Our team of videographers specialise in preserving old-time memories in digital files. We have high-quality imaging equipment at our disposal that produces a great quality for your DVD transfer.

As a result of years of experience, we have now been able to narrow down the transfer method that both preserves all your memories and transfers them in high quality. We have achieved this feat through years of trials, and we have been able to produce quality while putting cost into consideration.

Our equipment is patented, and the result of the transfer is a high resolution, with light balance on all parts of the screen. The footage turns out evenly focused and lacks flicker, hotspots, and halos. The videos are slightly edited to lighten dark footage and darken overexposed footage. The footage is edited to leave out pixelation, artefacts, or blocking.

Our team’s experience with telecine ensures that the transferred footage produces an accurate motion and colour production. You not only get your newly transferred footage, but you also get your reels back. These reels can be stored somewhere safe.

Our videographers work on your footage and have them delivered to you within 7-14 business days. We also offer a service where 8mm standard or super reels that contain sounds can also be modernised. You cannot incorporate songs into your footage because they cost a lot, and we aim to minimise cost as much as possible.

8mm Film Transfers

Also, the music changes with time, and we don’t want you to get stuck with a song you might outgrow, or if the footage is passed down to your generation, you might see it as distasteful in their time. Another reason is that most songs are copyrighted, and because of our organisation’s integrity, we do not want to violate copyright laws. If you would like your favourite song to accompany the footage, we suggest playing the song from another device.

At Nitro Circus Movie, we can have your 8mm standard or super reels transferred to DVD in 2KHD form. This produces a high resolution, as clear as any modern-day film. The devices used to capture 8mm standard or super memories were intended to produce memories as clear as possible in those times. Due to this, HD upgrades are not a necessity. However, the option is always available for those who would like their reels transferred to the 2KHD form.

If you are looking to surprise a loved one with cherished family memories by transferring 8mm standard or super footage to DVD, this is the place to be!