Nitro Circus Movie Studio

Green Screen Hire

Maximising Green Screen Hire

Are you an independent or freelance videographer? Are you in need of a serene temporary location to shoot your videos? At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer rental studio services. Our state-of-the-art Green screen is up for hire!

It is equipped with the latest gadget made available to make videography a fun walk in the park. It is a well-conditioned large room with an 8.5mx3m Green screen and floor accommodates many people. A package offers you the use of our camera operator with 1080p or 4k video or teleprompter.

The Green screen area is well lit with fluorescents, and you can hire our boom mic if you do not have yours. This package was designed to make things easier for freelance videographers or organisations.

We offer these services to videographers who wish to hire our Green screen and businesses, organisations, companies, or corporations interested in shooting a video for one occasion or the other.  We offer you the option of using top-notch equipment to shoot your adverts and any other type of video.

Beyond hiring our Green screen and the equipment attached, we have a team of certified professional directors, editors, producers, presenters, animators, whiteboard artists, copywriters, photographers, and voice-over artists.

Our creative team can help you come up with content for your video. Your content can be an advert directed to a particular class of people or an advert designed to increase your sales or your customer base. It could also be a presenter video designed to show your products or services. Whatever it is, Nitro Circus Movie is the place for you.

Green Screen Hire

We also offer our services to the corporate world. Is your company constantly hiring individuals? Are you tired of constantly allocating funds to employee training? A lasting solution is to shoot a video of all aspects of the employee training.

This option is cost-efficient as it can be referred to repeatedly. Let us help you reduce your company expenses. Beyond being cost-effective, these videos can be edited and spruced up to make employee training enjoyable for both the employee and the individual carrying out the training.

If you are looking to launch a website for your business, company, corporation, or organisation, a method that is both informative and captivating to your target audience is the use of a video. We can create contents that would help you grab the attention of your target audience. These videos are shot in 2D/3D animations or motion graphics. All the creatives on our team are at your fingertips for an affordable price.

There is a package for the individual. Are you interested in shooting a video for your social media that makes you look professional and collected? Hire our state-of-the-art Green screen as well as our equipment and let us produce internet-breaking content for you.

In addition to our Green screen and equipment for hire, our studio contains a top-notch relaxation area for you or your guests, crew, or clients.