Nitro Circus Movie Studio

On-Location Filming

Maximising Our On-Location Filming

At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer a range of services, and one of those services is on-location filming. Our videographers are experts setting up locations for the videos you want to shoot. The location can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the purpose of the video.

On-location filming can be preferable to a sound stage or backlot because it seems more realistic and relatable. On-location filming has also been said to more cost-effective than studio setups. This is because studios have to be customised to suit the concept of the video. However, on-location filming would, in most cases, already have the required props.

Product adverts shot on location as opposed to studios seem more down-to-earth and relatable. This is because the client base sees themselves in similar situations, making use of the products. This can be the call to action your target audience has always needed.

The best thing about on-location filming is all types of videos ranging from promotional videos to presenter videos, down to social events, can be shot on-location. Some videos do better when they are shot on-location.

At Nitro Circus Movie, the on-location filming services we offer include:

Presenter Videos

Presenter videos have more effect on the target audience if they are shot on-location. We can have the presenter of your choice talk about your products and demonstrate how they are used. This is a simplified and catchy method of advertising. This service is offered to all industries and for all types of products or services. The presenter answers how and why questions through engaging monologues and demonstrations. This form of product or service advertisement strongly produces a call to action.

On-Location Filming

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are videos that do not aim to advertise or sell any products or services. Rather companies, organisations, businesses, or corporations mostly commission them. The aim of these videos is not to sell but to enlighten. These videos cover but are not limited to investor relations, staff training, safety instructions, customers’ testimonials, event videos, and product launches. These videos are shot in the office spaces of the organisations.

Event Promotion

Event promotion is one of Nitro Circus Movie’s services, and it entails shooting videos of an event you are trying to promote. Our crew sets up our equipment at the event scene and takes footage of the important parts of the event. People are given a taste of what your event has to offer, and they would rather see videos of what you have to offer than reading about it.

Product or Service Advertisement

This is an offer open to all aspects of the business industry. We help sell your services or products by shooting aesthetically appealing videos of what you have to offer. On-location product filming of your products or services is a great way to appeal to your customer base. They want to see your products or services being used or rendered where the potential clients will also use them.