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Our Recording Studio

Nitro Circus Movie has a great package for music enthusiasts. This package is for music makers- writers, producers, and singers. Our music studios are well equipped with up-to-date and high-quality hardware and software plugins and a 2″ 24 track tape machine. You get to decide if you want a Pro Tools digital recording system or the 2″ 24 track tape machines.

We provide you with whatever equipment is necessary to produce undiluted music that has a professional tone. Our recording studio is also equipped with top-notch external hardware ranging from computers to a digital audio station, audio interface, microphones, microphone stands, studio monitors, midi controllers, to high-quality virtual instruments.

Our studio is also equipped with a wide range of musical instruments available for hire. The studios are large enough to contain a maximum of 7 backup singers. Our musical instruments for hire include but are not limited to high-quality guitars, violins, saxophones, drums, and cellos. You can hire talented employees to play any musical instrument of your choice, necessary for the music you want to make.

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We have the best music-making equipment in the industry. Nitro Circus Movie music recording studios is a dream come through for music producers. You get to work with a wide range of high-class music-making equipment. We allow you to make pure and uninterrupted music at our recording studios at an affordable fee. You can also hire our top-notch recording equipment. Instruments or instrumentalists are also up for hire at fair and affordable prices.

Recording Studio


Our recording studios were built to filter out outside and unnecessary noise, and this is a haven for producers and musicians alike. Make your music uninterrupted or distracted. Access to effective communication with your music producer is also granted. There is a provision for backup singers if you need them. They can either be hired from our music team or brought by you or your producer. The recording room takes up to 7 backup singers. You can hire a skilled music producer from our talented team of music producers to work with you and help you produce the music you have always dreamed of making.


Our range of musical instruments is available for orchestral or individual use. The package includes musicians who will play these instruments for you. You can also rent any instrument that suits you. Orchestral performances can be recorded and edited at our recording studios by our team of producers or yours if you have one.

Individual instrumentalists can also make use of this offer. Unlimited access to high-quality musical instruments is available at Nitro Circus Movie recording studios. You can hire these instruments for some time to use outside the studio. You can also choose to use the recording studio to produce an instrumental performance if you are so inclined.

We offer rental services to music bands for weddings and other events. Churches also have the option of hiring our instruments for their services.