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Whiteboard Videos

Maximising Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are fast becoming the go-to option for conveying messages to a large number of people. This is because whiteboard animated videos make complex information seem easier to understand. We can follow the animated characters’ actions while keeping up with the message being passed across in the audio. Our creative team at Nitro Circus Movie can skillfully use whiteboard animation software such as VideoScribe, TrueScribe, and Vyond.

Whiteboard animation videos are useful in all aspects of human communication. If you are looking to sell an idea in the form of a proposal, summarise lengthy and otherwise boring information, or persuade a class of people to buy a particular product, you can use whiteboard animation videos. At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer the following whiteboard animation services:

Educational Whiteboard Videos

We use whiteboard animation videos when giving a presentation, and we want to introduce topics, ideas and engagingly summarise information. This method leaves more impact than the basic PowerPoint presentation.

This is the best way for you to capture the attention of your classmates and teachers. At Nitro Circus Movie, we create content based on your presentation, and our creative team turns that content into a whiteboard animated video. Congratulations, you just hacked giving presentations without boring everyone.

Educators can also create educational content using whiteboard animation videos. This is a better way to captivate and hold students’ attention, especially when difficult subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, and Economics are being taught.

Whiteboard Videos

Promotional Whiteboard Videos

At Nitro Circus Movie, we offer product, event, or service promotional videos using whiteboard animation videos. This is an important effective way to persuade people to buy what you are selling or offering. Since these animated characters are compelling, people will tend to pay more attention to the right audio signals. This method of promotion always results in a strong call to action.

Informative Whiteboard Videos

Large organisations and governments can employ this method when they want to dispense information to many people. If your organisation wants to disperse information such as Covid-19 safety measures and precautions, a captivating way to go about it is to use whiteboard animation videos. Health organisations can also dispense health-related information using whiteboard-animated videos.

Corporate Whiteboard Promotional Videos

We offer our services to human resource and public relations teams in corporate organisations. If your organisation is looking to make a press release, suitable and professional content, it can be created using whiteboard animation videos. The professional and engaging atmosphere is also maintained in this case.

These videos can also be used when company newsletters or emails are to be released. You can convey a lot of information visually in a short time. People prefer watching and listening to content to reading content. If you can make your content into a video, then a video is the way to go, and Nitro Circus Movie is the videography company for you!